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2020/2021 is full! Thanks!

Please feel free to send this information to other teachers in the district who may be interested. Thanks!

NEW LESSONS FOR 2020 / 2021

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Oil Pastel Gr. 2-7
Giraffe copyright Joanne Howard 2020


Oil Pastel  Gr. 5-7
Zebra copyright Joanne Howard 2020
Also available ONLINE
Grades 3-7

Pencil or Charcoal Gr. 4-7

Chimp copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Chimp Jr

Pencil Gr. K-3
Chimp Jr copyright Joanne Howard 2020


Oil Pastel Gr. 4-7
Mushrooms copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Mushrooms Jr

Oil Pastel Gr. K-3
Mushrooms Jr copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Pencil or Charcoal Gr. 4-7

Koala copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Koala Jr
Pencil Gr. 2-3
Koala Jr copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Crowned Crane
Oil Pastel Gr. 2-7
Crowned Crane copyright Joanne Howard 2020

Island Reflection
Oil Pastel  Gr. K-7
Island Reflection copyright Joanne Howard 2020
Also available ONLINE
Grades K-7

How it works:
Step 1 - Email me to reserve your dates for the coming year!
Step 2 - I'll email you about a month and a half in advance of your booking to get your lesson choices and schedule for the visit.
I'll send you a supply list and set-up sheet once I know what you'd like to do.
Step 3 - Gather the supplies needed. Generally standard classroom or school supplies,
unless you'd like to splurge on fancy paper or something!
Step 4 - Enjoy creating some fabulous art!
(Oh... and have the office write me a cheque. I'll bring an invoice with me to leave at the office when I sign in. )

Please note: You can combine any two-dimensional lessons on one day but CLAY will need to be placed on its own day. The tools required are huge and heavy!

(Surrey, White Rock & Delta)

2020 / 2021 Art Workshop Fees
Art Workshop fees when you supply the consumables
(paint, paper, pastel, pens, pencils, clay etc.)

$152 plus 5% GST per session
Standard class sizes only, please. No double classes or extra students from another division. Maximum of 30 students per workshop. Please ask if your class has more than 30 students. Full day bookings only (3 sessions) - partial days booked only as part of a larger school booking.

The fees including GST work out to $159.60 / class

The invoice total per day will be $478.80 including GST.
(Your school can apply to get back a portion of the tax)




Due to COVID-19 we won't be gathering for circle lessons until a vaccine is widely available (probably in 2021/2022).

Lessons will be taught from the front of the room. Assistance will be given from behind an acrylic booth. It will be less fun this way, I know, but safety is key!

Masks would be greatly appreciated!

Distancing will be observed!


Joanne Howard
Saltwater Fine Arts