Zebra Copyright Joanne Howard 2020Zebra

Colouring Steps - Part 3

Last few steps! Nearly finished!

*Dark Green*

Color the base of the mane stripes & the outer edge of the body stripes dark green.
We'll be blending light green & yellow here shortly, so leave some empty space!


Here we are!


*Light Green*
Continue the same stripes with light green!

Add the outer edge of the next body stripe.


Green parts blended look like this!


Complete the mane & the body!


Mix the yellow into everything it touches! (Light green & orange.)
I used my yellow to do the blending but you can use your finger if it works better for you. (pastel & crayon only)


Sign your artist's signature in the bottom corner! (Write your name, fancy-schmancy & the year.)

If there are any random, ugly pencil marks (left over lines) or smudges on your page, erase them CAREFULLY!
If you used paint, wait until tomorrow to erase.

If you used oil pastel, be really careful not to smudge your colours by touching them with the eraser or your hand.

Erasing close to Crayon & Pencil Crayon is pretty safe. Just don't erase your work!

Woooo! Done. Congratulations!