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Local Elementary School Art Workshops
with Vancouver Artist, Joanne Howard

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2024/2025 is FULL!
Thank you!!


Many changes this year!! Please refresh pages!
(or you may see last year's lesson choices.)
I've added a 2024/2025 icon to the "lessons for grade x" pages.
If you see this at the top, you're good to go!!

(You'll still want to refresh individual lessons pages to make sure!)

New lessons!

Blue Whale copyright Joanne Howard 2024

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Fees for the 2024/2025 school year will be:

$196 per session plus $9.80 GST.
(I only do Surrey/White Rock & Delta Districts).

The fees including GST work out to $205.80 per class
The invoice total for a day of 3 sessions will be $617.40
(I believe your school can apply to get back a portion of the tax.)

Partial days are only accepted as part of a larger booking.


* I will need to use your projector (or perhaps a borrowed one) in each classroom.
I can use your DocCam or mine.
(I can connect my DocCam via HDMI, Screen Mirroring, DVI or VGA inputs.)

* 3 classes can do art sessions on one day.

* Any lessons can be combined on the same day.
You don't all need to choose the same lesson or medium!


The fine print.

Please note: 
Normal class sizes ONLY please. No double classes or added students.
Maximum number of students is 30.

If your class has more than 30 students, please contact me.

In the event of school closures, dangerous weather, or Artist Illness, I will make every attempt to reschedule but, as there are sometimes few available dates, the booking may have to be canceled.



Try the free online lessons with your class (links at the top of this page)!
I'd love to hear about & see the results!