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Colouring Steps

Let's get colouring! (or painting)

*Dark Blue*
Colour a thick, dark blue line at the bottom of the lip.
Add blue to the bottom of the mouth.

Add a chunky loop around the nostril with a thin line that joins to the mouth. Notice the empty strip at the bottom of the nostril!


Tip: If you are using a smudgy or wet medium like oil pastel or paint, be really careful where you touch your paper. Keep things clean & tidy.

Tip: For oil pastel: If there are flaky bits on your page, carefully tip them into the trash can or onto a paper towel - don't wipe them off!

Tip: If you're painting and things get too wet, use a dry brush to vaccuum the puddles off your paper. (or a little corner of a paper towel.) Try not to dab at your paper! Just barely touch the tip to the puddle, then wait for it to do the work!

*Light Blue or Teal*

Fill in the rest of the muzzle with light blue or teal. BLEND!

I used my light blue pastel to blend these parts but you can use whatever works for you! Water on your brush if you're painting or a finger to smoosh pastel or crayon.


*Dark Blue*

Add dark blue on the bottom half of the face stripes, under the eye & on part of the cheek strips. (We'll be blending other colours into these stripes so leave some empty paper!) 


*Dark Blue*
Add dark blue on these parts of the ears.
Start with the outline sections that are on a pencil line then make some "fuzzy" parts for blending.


*Light Blue or Teal*

Fill in the rest of the ears with light blue or teal. BLEND!

Fill in the rest of the face strips. BLEND!


Your artwork should look something like this, so far!

ZebraColouringSteps_JH2020 Nice!

Add a bit of black to the edge of the ears and the bottom of the face.
Colour in the eyeball & the nostril.

You can either leave a small white dot in the eye (the sparkle) or you can add a white dot. 


Everything so far!

ZebraColouringSteps_JH2020 YES! Keep going...

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